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i’m trying to get connor to help me pick which episode of QaF to watch and every one he chose i kept saying “no pick a better one” then after a while i said “just pick one with gay sex in it!” then he chose another episode and i read out the info for it and it says “Emmett is a hit on Ted’s porn site. And Michael meets an attractive gay studies professor" then i told him to chose another one and he said "it has the words gay and porn in it.. WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT?! there must be gay sex in that episode somewhere?" and i said "well there’s gay sex in every episode but…" and he’s just like "WHAT SHOW IS THIS?!"

Brian: Hey Zack, how’s it going? 

Zack: Not bad…

Brian: How’s Peter?

Zack: Still dead.

There are only two types of straight people: those that hate you to your face, and those that hate you behind your back.

ben bruckner is in this episode of CSI i’m watching!


so much love for sassy Brian

fucking ian.

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I love how most of the songs played on the KeeBroShow are Babylon songs.