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so much love for sassy Brian

fucking ian.

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That awkward moment you realise you’re a bit of a pedo ;)


I was just watching a Queer as Folk clip and I left it playing while I went into the kitchen to get a drink, so I opened my door and my bedroom door leads into the living room, my whole family is there while Justin Taylor says “like dick. I wanna get fucked by dick. I wanna suck dick. I like sucking dick. And I’m good at it, too.”

they looked at me in shame.

I searched “Sunshine” on Google Images, I got to the very last page! page 38 and there were no pictures of Randy Harrison/Justin Taylor.

Reblog with your 10 favourite Male TV Characters

1. Fer Redondo (FoQ)

2. David Ferrán (FoQ)

3. Brian Kinney (QaF)

4. Justin Taylor (QaF)

5. Brendan Brady (Hollyoaks)

6. Ste Hay (Hollyoaks)

7. Jackson Walsh (Emmerdale)

8. Aaron Livesy (Emmerdale)

9. Christian Clarke (Eastenders)

10. Syed Masood (Eastenders)


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