Becca: they're preparing for Joel's birthday and then they go away during Hollyoaks Later.. are they taking Joel away for his birthday?
Me: omg they've been filming in a fair ground.. HE'S TURNING 19 BRENDO WHY ARE YOU TAKING HIM TO THE FAIR?
Becca: hahaha omg Brendan's like his dad
Me: seriously this whole moment whilst preparing for Joel's birthday thing makes them sound like his two gay dads
Becca: I can see Joel on the teacups and Brendan is just on the phone to Ste like "you should see our little boy im so proud"
Me: I can literally imagine Joel on a little teacup
Becca: me too hahaha and he's just going round on it for the whole of laters while Brendan gets blown up and shit.
Me: Ste will proper kick off at Brendo for leaving Joel on the teacups by himself
Becca: and Brendan will be like "He's growing up, Steven, let him go!" and Joel will be sat there shouting "I NEED A WEE"
Me: Ste will go in a mood, fold his arms and just give Brendo the silent treatment.
Becca: Brendan will just yell at Joel that he should have gone before he came out and Ste is like "take him for a wee or he'll make a mess!"
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