Don’t worry Gavin Free I had Adam Ellis help me move your desk.


i haven’t been to subway in 2 years cos the woman went “what bread do you want” and i went “yeah”

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i’m wearing lip’s “fuck you you fucking fuck” tshirt and i’ve literally been outside for like a minute and this old man just stopped me and gave me into trouble for it omg

is it normal to wear this kinda stuff in america then???


unbelievably cute/stupid/suggestive freewood moments
→ ryan’s tendency to (intentionally or otherwise) provoke gavin


noo that’s so cute ryan’s wearing the same shirt for the heist


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geoff at the end of gavin’s heist is literally the funniest thing ever omg

Geoff at the end of today’s Let’s Play, because I thought it needed to be shared by itself.


Why is this so goddamn hot to me????


Why is this so goddamn hot to me????

What do you do on sunday night/Monday morning with your time now that Shameless in on hiatus? I'm going to start watching the whole series sometime this summer before season 5 comes on next year.


cry, mostly.

you definitely should! 

never ending list of flawless women; CAITI WARD.

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You’re killing Gavin.

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the varying frequencies of geoff ramsey’s laughter


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